PLC Service Wind a new single-member company, subsidiary of PLC Service, was founded in November 2016 with the objective of supporting constructors of “multi-technology” wind turbines in the maintenance of wind farms.

The maintenance activities began as the result of a multi-annual development plan that consolidated partnership relations with the main manufacturers of wind turbines in the western market.

PLC Service Wind completes the PLC group in the plant maintenance field and the value chain, allowing to provide a management and maintenance service, added to the standard Balance of Point, which has always been headed by PLC Service. The contracts that PLC Service Wind aims to manage relate to routine and special maintenance of wind turbines using different technologies. These contracts are the result of agreements stipulated with main European companies that are active in the production of wind turbines.


The PLC Group, through its company, PLC Service Wind, provides in marketing wind generators and components for wind generators and wind farms, as well as routine and special maintenance, and the assembly, disassembly, and management of the same, including the realization of all accessory electrical and civil works.