The PLC Service inverter division derives from the idea of offering all operators in the photovoltaic sector a team that is capable of accompanying clients from delivery of the inverters and systems on site, to their installation and commissioning.
For the entire duration of the plants, thanks to our unparalleled competence on the market, our preventive/predictive/corrective maintenance services allow to maximize the production of energy and for a longer duration of the components installed.
A technological partner that, with its own technicians, can operate with all inverter manufacturers, thanks to the over ten years of experience of our collaborators.
Our team consists of personnel from the after-sales sectors of main European players.
The company proposes an offer comprised of contracts, and maintenance and repair services for the products installed.
In relation to the need of our clients, contracts or specialized interventions can be stipulated that are in line with their expectations.

On the basis of the type of contracts undersigned, the company can offer the following services:

On-site training of technicians for routine maintenance activities
Technological and engineering support for predictive maintenance
Real-time interventions through ad hoc technological support
Interventions within 24 hours in Italy and Europe for corrective maintenance
Dedicated phone support from account technicians
Remote monitoring of inverters
Replacement of inverters
Repair center for multi-brand inverters
Revamping activities with pick-up of the replaced inverters