Entry of Ardian in the Tolve Windfarms Holdings assets

June 28, 2017 News archive

PLC System Srl, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PLC Group SPA, is pleased to announce that in June the Ardian group, through one of the funds it constituted, acquired an interest in capital in Tolve Windfarm Holdings through a shareholding of 80% of the fund.
The French giant, which boasts a 62 billion dollar asset management portfolio, with 8 billion dollars of the entire amount in a variety of infrastructures, firmly believed in the complex project that PLC System pursued through Tolve Windfarm Holdings, full shareholder of the three SPVs that have authorization for constructing wind farms in the Basilicata region for a total of 37.2 MW.
The readiness with which the transaction was concluded, in less than 2 months, bears witness to the quality of the financial and operational project organized by PLC System, which will proceed in constructing the abovementioned wind farms with a turn-key formula. PLC Service, also wholly-owned by the PLC Group SPA, will be appointed with O&M for the twenty years following construction.
This arrangement marks another step forward with regard to the ability PLC System has in proposing itself and in being recognized as a major market player on the national and international scene.