Acquisition of Idroelettrica 2014 S.r.l.

June 19, 2017 News archive

PLC System Srl, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PLC Group SPA, is pleased to announce that on June 19th, 2017 the acquisition of Idroelettrica 2014 S.r.l. was finalized.
This transaction is linked to the company’s renewed strategy that includes, along with the construction and management of the renewable energy plants that were commissioned, also the direct acquisition of the assets deemed as strategic within the growth framework traced by corporate supervisory bodies and that the Company and pertaining Group is projecting in the strategic management sector.
PLC System is particularly pleased to announce this event since, through this transaction, it ensures itself the project (authorized through DD 37/EFR dated May 22nd, 2014) for the construction and operation of an hydroelectric power plant on the Cesano river, in Brotano, in the Municipality of Pergola (PU), with a rated power of 327 kW.
This project is an absolute innovation in the panorama of the already consolidated track-record of the company, which operates with its usual professionalism, while respecting the environment and the local community, in order to provide a service that will first of all benefit the citizens of the Marche Region.